Stargazer Zodiac Necklace - Pisces


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A divinely personalised, double charm Zodiac Necklace for the Piscean angels across the universe. Alluringly artistic in design, our circular zodiac pendant, adorned with an original Pisces zodiac design, is made with 22K Gold Vermeil or .925 Sterling Silver, and features an embossed symbol of the fish with "Pisces" debossed beneath it. This charm sits alongside a gorgeous rectangular pendant that features an original embossed illustration of a sunset-sunnrise over the ocean. On the reverse side of this pendant are the words "I will follow you under the pale light of the moon' and our home town of Byron Bay's longitude and latitude coordinates. This pendant is especially poignant because Byron Bay sits at the Eastern most point of Australia and is the first place in Australia to see the rising of the sun each morning. A stunning layering necklace set on a delicately twisted gold or silver chain – made for stargazers, wanderers and sunset lovers alike. Handmade in India by Fairtrade Certified Artisan group, the necklace is made in either Sterling Silver or Gold Vermeil, which is a thick coating of 22k gold over a base of sterling silver. Each necklace comes with an individualised zodiac card: The Pisces Woman was born with subtle emotions, and a secret mystic depth. She is friendly and kind-hearted but like a dream, she is so full of imagination. She has the beauty of an everlasting sunrise. Full of light. She does not demand attention. She is subtle, soft and strong. Her mysterious soul draws people to her and that is part of her magic. It is what makes her so powerful.

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