Rose Water Spray

Vanessa Megan

$34.95 AUD

You won't find a purer Rosewater than this. Rose water hydrosol is made from the extracting process of oil from rose petals, leaving behind fragrant water that is wonderful as a natural toner and spritzer and can even be used in cooking...apparently makes great turkish delight!

Directions: Spray onto face as a toner / refresher, or during the day to hydrate the skin.

Ingredients: Organic Rose Water Hydrosol*.

* Certified Organic Ingredients

Note from Lizzy of Spell: I'm so excited to finally stock this gorgeous range of natural, Australian organic beauty products. Vanessa 'Nessy' Grey of Vanessa Megan wholeheartedly believes that you shouldn't put anything on your skin that you wouldn't put in your mouth. All her products are tested on all of her friends (me included) and we are her biggest fans.

Use this Rose Water spray on your face or all around the house & it's divine. However I use mine specifically to 'hydrate' my palm when using NEO. Just measure out a few drops of NEO on your palm and spritz a few times with this Rose spray and it's the most delicious combo. Perfect skin hydration morning and night.

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