Our Organic Tees Partner


Lima, Peru


Two Audits by Independent Certification Bodies

Number of Employees


Youngest Employee

19 Years Old

They weaved magic with

All of our tees! (think Panther, Desert Queen, Gypsy Witch…)

About the owner

Ralph and Alex started their Lima factory back in 2002 and their company’s honesty and positivity comes through in every interaction we have with them.

Their skills and craftsmanship

Our t-shirt factory specialise in sourcing locally produced softer than soft Peruvian Pima Organic Cotton to make our t-shirts. We’ve been working with them for many years and we’re still being surprised by the quality of the products and lovely vintage nature of the placement prints coming out of their workshop.

Our partnership

Our Organic Cotton Tee Partner has been audited by two independent certification bodies to private standards that are benchmarked to the principles set out by the ETI. We have had both the standards independently reviewed by another certification body to verify their content.

We worked with our friends in Lima to make a full transition to organic cotton for all our tees, through our close relationship we were able to visit each step of our tee supply chain, from farm to product watching each process.