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Kate Dalton is a naturopath, nutritionist and owns local Byron business, Mayde Tea. She's been working with Spell and sharing her tea in our Cactus Courtyard events at our boutique for a long time now, and we have developed a sickening style crush on her laid back style and the way she oozes beauty from the inside out. We asked her some questions we’ve been wanting to know, keep reading below...
How would you describe your style?

I’d say it's simple, feminine, and mostly monochrome- apart from some vintage blue Levi’s and a few pastel pink pieces.

Who would you say is your style icon?

I really love Andy Csinger’s style!

Why did you start Mayde Tea?

So almost 5 years ago now, I was creating herbal blends for myself for digestive and nervous system problems while I was learning about herbal medicine at uni. I was so excited with how much it helped me that I really wanted to share this with everyone! So I started the business with a whole heap of knowledge of the medicinal properties of herbs, but with zero knowledge on running a business- so that was an interesting learning curve and I’m of course still learning! It’s the best thing I've ever done, so challenging but it makes me so happy! The first two blends I ever made to help with these health issues I had, were Digest and Serenity. These still exist today and are of our most loved blends!

How do you think living in this area influenced your career path?

I have always been so interested in nutrition and herbal medicine as a naturopath, but moving here has made me incredibly mindful of the environment, and the impact we as people have on it. So, I made sustainability a huge priority in my business Mayde Tea. All of our packaging is recyclable, and I even went to the extent of asking our suppliers not to send our supplies to us in plastic! It’s made a huge difference to how much we affect the environment while running a business, and I can thank the other environmentally conscious people of the Northern Rivers for that!

What is your favourite Spell piece right now?

The Rosa Wrap Blouse! This looks super cute with Vintage Levi’s and tan sandals. I also bought myself the Maple Slip Dress recently which is super cute, and it's become my favourite nightie..

Neutral or colour?


What is your go-to skincare product?

Sans[ceuticals] Activator 7. I am so obsessed with their products I had to stock them on our online store! The Activator 7 is an all natural oil with omegas 3, 6 and 9 and vitamin A- all of the things our skin wants! I use this in place of a moisturiser on my face and body.

If you roll out of bed late for a meeting or appointment, what is your 5 minute get ready routine?

A speedy shower is a must! Scrunchie in my hair, Activator 7 on my face, and i’ll spend my last few seconds making sure my eyebrows are in place with the NARS brow gel. My eyebrows being in place is stupidly important to me above anything else beauty-wise haha.