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Jamie Mansfield or better known as Jamie Kidd has been our style crush for a loooong time. The luscious haired California girl has been rocking Spell on her worldly travels and did a takeover for us on Falls Festival a couple years back, and we just adore her! We spoke to the long legged, cat lovin', jewellery queen about her style and beauty tips.
How would you describe your personal style?

I would definitely say my style changes depending on where I am in the world! I love being boho when I am somewhere tropical, but I would definitely say I am very western inspired and love a good pair of boots!

Your hubby is Aussie - do you think that you've been influenced by the Australian way of life in your style?

I definitely think all my visits to Australia over the years has changed my way of life! I looooove how nice everyone is there, friendly and helpful (definitely came in handy when I was lost all the time there). My husband is such a sweetheart and so patient with me, so I definitely needed a little Aussie in my life ;) I am such a crazy worker and never slow down, so he teaches me everyday that it's okay to relax and enjoy quiet time.

You give us major hair envy - how do you maintain such luscious locks?

Honestly I don't do much!! I am so low maintenance with my hair, I have really been loving adding oils in my hair when I go to bed to keep it hydrated and soft!

What are your go-to beauty products?

I ALWAYS have some Paw Paw lip balm on me (Aussies will know what that is haha). I love a good bronzer to keep me looking tan! And don't forget about that highlight that ALWAYS has to be brighter than the sun!!

Tell us about your favourite places in LA for food, drinks, a great brunch spot?

To be honest I don't go out too much in LA, I'm more of a "have everyone over on a Friday night for wine" kind of a girl! I eat my fair share of Chipotle on my "off" days haha. I do love going to Urth Café, Alfreds Coffee and of course Abbot Kinney is so great for trying all the good vegan foods!

Tell us about your jewellery brand:

I started it back in college after an internship in NYC! I looove creating new designs and seeing people in them! There’s something so special about the construction of jewellery and seeing the design come to life!

What would you be doing if you weren't an influencer and entrepreneur?

I would probably be a jewellery designer full-time! I also really love flowers so being a florist or designing wedding pieces would be a dream!