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We’ve followed Emily Yates’ adventures for as long as we can remember {all while crushing on her style}. As beautiful on film as behind the lens, Emily’s photographs transport you to another place. So when Emily was packing her bags for Kenya, we just knew she had to capture Lioness in Lamu. We asked Emily to share an insight beyond the lens of her travels and her style…
How would you describe your style?

Oh my gosh that’s so hard. A little bit of laid back, everything all rolled into one. My styling tip is to dress however you want, that makes you feel good! Individuality is what makes us all unique.

What was your favourite piece to shoot?

The robes! I was 8 weeks pregnant shooting these images so anything that kept me breezy, cool and comfortable was heaven for me!

What drew you to Kenya?

We went to Tanzania last year and when we were there we heard about this tiny little island Lamu. No cars, the only way to get around is walk or boat. Incredible architecture and right on the beach. From there we just had to go.

Describe the sensory experience of Lamu…

Soft humid air filtering softly through palm leaves, only to be broken by the sound of prayer or laughter. The biggest, warmest smiles you have ever seen, with the constant murmur of Karibu! (Meaning welcome). Sleeping with all the doors and windows open, covered by nothing more than a mossie net and the salty sea breeze. Sand and salt and sun and smiles.

What is your travel beauty secret?

Collagen and liquid probiotics!!

Your must-have accessory right now?

A baby bump 🐥😉 Hahahaha

As you wander around Lamu Island, what’s in your straw bag?

My phone, my film camera and a sarong

In front or behind the lens ~ how do you feel about each role, what elements do you love?

I personally love being behind the lens a hell of a lot more than in front of it! Even when I’m in front of the lens, I’m the one curating the image that I want, telling Will exactly what I want it to look like. I’m much more engaged with the creative aspects of photography than being a subject of the photo. But alas, Will won’t pose naked in a giant hat for me so…

Lamu had the most stunning sunsets. How are you spending your sunsets back home in Byron?

With a hot cup of tea watching the fog roll in over the hinterlands

Where are you travelling to next?

I’ve actually just stopped over in Paris, and am now in Spain…