Our Journey

Our vision to be one of the world’s most inspiring & conscious lifestyle brands means we are committed to transparency and continuous improvement across our 7 sustainability pillars: Supply Chain transparency, Sustainable fibres, Environmental footprint, Prints and Dyes, Social Advocacy, Circularity and Giving back. Through constant evaluation of our social and environmental responsibilities, our sustainability efforts touch all operations within Spell. Our ambitions are outlined here in this road map, which we share openly in the aim of staying on task and inspiring collaboration with all of our business partners. We believe that collectively we can make a major difference to the way that fashion is made and used.
Goals & Commitments

Our goals and commitments are coming to life year after year through this roadmap, but we still have a long way to go. By 2025 we are working towards not only reaching full supply chain transparency, but the development and implementation of worker empowerment programs and bridging the gap between our local and global teams. Work with global Artisans will be strengthened and celebrated within our collections.

Our fibres will be transformed from conventional to at least 85% sustainably sourced fibres made up of organic, recycled and preferred and our beautiful prints will all be certified ensuring that there are no harmful chemicals or substances.

We have been working towards not only neutralising our carbon impact by assessing travel, logistics and packaging as well as implementing regeneration programs to restore natural capital in areas close to our production.

Our waste minimisation strategy will be implemented, and address everything from our fibres to e-waste, through the evolution of our circular business strategy.

At Spell we are committed to philanthropy so our philanthropic pursuits will be formally designed and pursued in the aim of supporting organisations that are working to ensure the social and environmental fabric of our planet.