Our Woven Childrenswear Factory


Noida, India


Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

Number of Employees


Youngest Employee

18 Years Old

They weaved magic with

SALTG Folk Town Pieces

About the owner

Husband and wife couple, Vipin and Mohini, started their venture in 2000, their strengths are their beliefs, understanding there is always room to grow and learn, and that you never know what will be around the corner.

‘’We believe in the importance of a holistic and sustainable lifestyle that protects the limited natural resources, our children and ourselves. Therefore, we are obliged to use only materials that are both sourced and produced in an environmentally friendly and ethical way. Day in, day out, we work closely with our trusted suppliers to guarantee our strict principles and protect our customers’’

Vipin is an experienced textile professional with over 26 years in the industry and Mohini comes with an education in MPhil Organic Chemistry.

Their skills and craftsmanship

Vipin prides himself and the company on key strengths – design, innovation, exquisite detailing and quality workmanship as well as specialising in sourcing and working with sustainable fibres. His values around sustainability made him the perfect choice to produce our first sustainable collection for Spell & the Little Gypsies.

Our partnership

Transitioning to sustainable fibres has been high on our agenda and number one on the list is cotton. Conventional cotton has one of the highest environmental impacts per kg of material. From the use of toxic fertilisers and pesticides to an extremely high water footprint, which is why we are making the commitment to only use organic cotton wherever we can.

Fortunately, we partnered with Vipin who had been working with organic cotton for years. His factory is certified to the GOTS standard which means every single cotton fibre used in our Little Gypsies range is certified organic. Organic cotton is grown as part of a balanced ecosystem without the use of genetically modified material, toxic fertilisers or pesticides. It guarantees a healthier environment for farm workers and surrounding communities. Whats more, the GOTS standard ensures that the environmental, social and ethical impacts related to manufacturing are minimal and industry leading.