Our Vision

It is our vision to become one of the most inspiring and conscious fashion brands in the world. (This is an ambitious statement we know!) But we know our WHY, and our why is to positively impact our planet and it’s people in every single thing we do, preserving our beautiful earth for our children, and our children’s children. 

We believe in creating consciously so that we walk lighter on this Earth.
A note from our founders

When we began Spell at the Byron Artisan Markets almost a decade ago, we had no idea where our journey would lead. As our brand grew, we built relationships with small factories and suppliers, our partnerships based not just on the quality of the workmanship but the values of the owners and the family feel of the people who worked there. Today, we’re proud that all the elements of Spell are still a reflection of the values we hold; family, community, passion and consciousness for the welfare of our planet and its people.

Almost 2 years ago we started mapping our supply chain and today we're proud to say that our garment factories have been ethically accredited by internationally recognised auditing bodies. But we know our customers deserve 100% transparency, so we don't just want to tell you about who makes our clothes, we want to show you. We are committed to sharing the stories of who makes our clothes from our design team and pattern makers right here in Byron Bay to the talented seamstresses, artisans and craftsman of our global family around the world.

Our focus now is on sustainability and as we look toward the coming year and beyond, it is our vision to continue to create beautiful garments that inspire change towards truly sustainable fashion. Our sustainability targets are ambitious, but I believe (with all my heart!) that we can make it happen, because my team are just as passionate about it as Isabella and I are. We invite you to join us on this journey.

Elizabeth & Isabella

If we continue on this path the impact on the environment
and communities will be disastrous

Farming raw materials, fibre creation and garment making processes all use resources, water, chemicals and energy, all of which impact the environment and our global society.

Change is coming... We are committed to being part of that change...

Our 2025 sustainability commitment is aimed at understanding our impacts and developing initiatives to create positive change. We realise that we have a long journey ahead of us but are determined to be part of the solution. By 2025 we aim to achieve the following:

Complete Supply Chain Transparency

The first step towards sustainable production is full transparency and accountability throughout our global supply chain. We have always required our entire global family to adhere to our code of conduct which addresses standards relating to social/ ethical, environmental and animal welfare, but in addition to this we are proud to say that our garment factories have been ethically audited to international standards by independent certification bodies (SEDEX, WRAP, BSCI as listed on our global supply chain map).

However, this is only tier one of our supply chain and that is just the beginning, we need to know that our suppliers’ suppliers are as committed to sustainability as we are. Ultimately, we want to know the cotton farms, fabric mills and fabric printers are also ethically accredited. Achieving this is an ambitious task.

It requires effective stakeholder engagement and strong supplier relationships based on trust and a shared vision. This will take time and commitment. We will be continually updating our Global Family Page as we have new members on board. It will be an ongoing journey that everyone can follow on the road to transparency.

Social Advocacy

We believe in global citizenship and as such we have a global family. We believe that people can live better lives if they have access to the global market place and we are proud to support Social Advocacy/ Artisan initiatives.

Our pledge is to have at least one social advocacy initiative per collection. Not only are we supporting marginalised people but we are honouring the tradition of hand making, which is at the heart of who we are.

Sustainable Fibres

We are committed to ensuring that our garments are made from the most sustainable fibres we can source. Our design and production team are continually working with material specialists to understand the sustainability implications and opportunities for each fibre.

Organic Cotton as well as sustainably produced, plant-based cellulose fibres like Rayon/Viscose (we’re already using ecologically friendly, biodegradable Lenzing Modal® and exploring Tencel®) and Recyclable Nylon (used in our 2018 swimwear, made from 100% regenerated materials like fishing nets, reducing ocean waste and landfill) are all being plugged into our supply chain.

We have also joined brands like Patagonia, Stella McCartney and Mara Hoffman in signing Canopy's Fashion Loved by Forests Campaign.

Dyes and Printing

Colour and Prints are integral to us. We pledge that our print and dye houses will use the most environmentally and ethically responsible products. Ensuring our dye houses have certification or independent verification focusing on responsible water, chemical and energy footprints is our current focus.


We are committed to knowing and minimising the environmental footprints of our garments. Water, waste and energy are on the radar and we plan to benchmark ourselves with the leaders in the textile industry.

We will make this the environmental cost known to consumers (imagine knowing the environmental footprint of every Spell item you shop so you can make informed decisions to be the driver of change). Additionally, we are already using experts to help initiate resource reducing initiatives throughout our whole supply chain.

Our aim is to have all footprints by 2025 available to consumers. Additionally, we are on track to have all owned facilities 100% carbon neutral.

Circular Fashion

Our customers have always embraced the reuse and recycling of garments and we are committed to helping our customers extend the life-cycle of their Spell garments, (#vintagespell!!).

But we’d like to take this further and believe all inputs and outputs related to the production of our garments have the opportunity to be reused, recycled and regenerated.

This concept is known as circular fashion and our plan is to collaborate with other leaders in the sector to explore how this can be achieved. We have signed the Copenhagen Circular Fashion 2017 Commitment.