Our Stretch Childrenswear Factory


Mumbai & Tirupur, India


Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Fairtrade, ISO:9001:2008, SA8000

Number of Employees


Youngest Employee

18 Years Old

They weaved magic with

Spell & The Little Gypsies onesies and leggings

About the owner

It was fate when we met Shishir whilst searching for partners for our Sustainable Childrenswear range. His passion for sustainability matched ours (which has been rare to come by!), and we instantly knew Shishir would embrace our long-term sustainability vision. For the last 25 years Shishir has been at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing in India. He is continuously innovating ways to improve the sustainability of the garments he works with and so the partnership has been an inspiring experience for our team. He understands the power of sustainable business and this can be seen everywhere from the positive mood on the factory floor through to his support of reforestation and environmental causes, and in his dedication to feeding and educating the underprivileged children of Tiruppur.

Their Skills & Craftsmanship

Shishir has worked specifically on our Spell and the Little Gypsie collections. He specialises in sustainable fibres including Organic Cotton, Lenzing Modal and Tencel, Recycled Polyester and Bamboo.

Our partnership

We’ve made some ambitious targets related to sourcing Sustainable fibres (LINK) and we knew partnering with Shishir would help us achieve these. In the Childrenswear range, we were committ4ed to using the most natural and sustainable fibres available, so we focused on Organic Cotton and Lenzing Modal.

With Shishir’s garments being certified to the GOTS standard we had immediate assurance that every single cotton fibre used in these garments was certified organic. Additionally, GOTS has a strict set of protocols that focus on the environmental and social impacts related to farming and manufacturing.

However, it was Shishir’s willingness to use Lenzing modal that was the main draw card. In recent years, cellulose based fibres such as viscose and rayon haven’t proven to be the most eco-friendly fibre. Whilst made from a renewable source, wood, this fibre group has been linked to illegal forestry and the use of toxic chemicals in production. In contrast, Lenzing Modal is made entirely from sustainably certified Beech tree forests. Beech trees are a rejuvenate species (no replanting required) and require no irrigation or chemical fertilisers. Sustainably managed forests produce clean water, fresh air and are homes to thousands of animal and plant species. What more in the production, all the chemicals used are low toxic and recycled in a closed loop system. Lenzing modal’s climate change impact is 88% lower than generic modal! So, a win for both people and the planet. The result is an exceptionally ecofriendly, soft, strong and bio-degradable product and something that we are very proud of.