Our Leather Accessory Partner


Chennai, India


ISO 9001:2008

Number of Employees


Youngest Employee

18 Years Old

They weaved magic with

Our Celestial and Zephyr Patchwork accessories

About our partners

Baskar, originally a qualified engineer, joined this established leather goods team a short time ago. A gentle and gracious family man, we instantly knew we aligned with this company’s strong mission, vision and core values that include respecting people and the environment.

Their Skills & Craftsmanship

Our partnership with this leather supplier is one of our newest relationships, but one we sought immediately after visiting their factory and reviewing their beautiful workmanship. Specialising in small leather goods, we were immediately impressed by their high standards and quality. Their desire for impeccable quality is shown through their intensive in-house laboratory with the highest quality machinery ensuring all raw materials and end products are of the finest quality.

Our partnership

When partnering for our leather goods we really needed a supplier who understood our concerns about the leather industry. To be able supply to Spell all leather must be sourced from Leather Working Group (LWG) Tanneries. This means that the leather production is governed by a strict stewardship protocol that looks at a wide range of issues from deforestation, traceability, water and energy consumption, solid and liquid waste management, noise and air pollution as well as restricted chemicals and environmental best practice. So, we were thrilled when we met Baskar and he told us he would only work LWG Tanneries for our products.

However, Baskar exceeded our expectations developing a work environment that nurtured ideals present in our sustainability vision. From a self-innovation program for his employees aimed at sustainable development, to weekly waste elimination workshops.

So, we can proudly say Baskar meets all our requirements for leather and we look forward to continually improving our leather to become even more ethically and environmentally friendly.