Our Knitwear Factory


Dongguan, China



Number of Employees


Youngest Employee

18 Years Old

They weaved magic with

Aggie Shorts, Eaglehawk, Wild Cat, Beni Knit

About our partners

Herman & Yulitta look after our Spell knits, splitting their time between China and Hong Kong, whilst their colleague Aggie lives in Perth so we have easy contact at all times. Herman’s generous smile and ready laugh seem to permeate everyone around him.

Their Skills & Craftsmanship

Knitwear is their specialty; this team cover a range of operations across knitwear including crochet.

Our partnership

Our Knit partners are members of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), it is one of the reasons we partnered with them in the first place. This sustainability program is essentially a supply chain management system that supports organisations to drive social compliance and improvement within their supply chains. The backbone of the initiative is based on 11 principles which is identical to the points set out in our own code of conduct – to be a member of the BSCI a manufacturer must undergo yearly audits to ensure these standards are met. From fair remuneration to no child labour to environmental stewardship etc. However, the BSCI is unique in that it aims to drive change through a broader supply chain, therefore placing sustainable trade at the heart of all business activities.