Ethics & Sustainability

Where Our Clothes Are Made

We are uncompromising in our commitment to only work with suppliers and factories around the world who are ethically accredited and that share our responsibilities and values. In addition to these 3rd party accreditations we also spend time with our craftsmen, artisans and seamstresses at our factories to ensure that the environment is one that we can confidently and proudly state are happy and safe. Stay tuned for a comprehensive Factory Map on this page including film and imagery to tell the story of the incredible people who make your clothes.

The factory names/addresses remain intellectual property of Spell Designs Pty Ltd.

In 2016 we began working with some not-for-profit artisan groups in India who support under-privaliged artisans, their families and local communities. In 2017 we look forward to showing you some of the beautiful products created in collaboration with these artisan groups and sharing the stories behind them.

The Future

1 year ago it was our aim to have 100% of our factories audited and accredited by 3rd party, internationally recognised auditing bodies and now that we are close to achieving this we are setting our sights on even bigger goals. As well as continuing to dig deeper into the ethical side of our supply chain, we are also investing in creating a more sustainable product. We are exploring organics and sustainable fabric options as well as more sustainable methods of printing and dying, waste reduction and customer education. We know that 60% of a garments environmental impact happens toward the end of it’s life-cycle, once in the hands of the customer, so we want to help reduce this impact with you guys. Stay tuned for a category on our blog to chronicle our journey on walking lighter on this earth.

It is important to us that the information we are providing to our customers is transparent, honest, and clear, so we thank you for your patience whilst we continue to roll out these programs. If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Customer Service Angels who will be more than happy to discuss any questions you may have in more detail.

Our Commitment

At Spell we are committed to ethical trade. We integrate excellent corporate behaviour in all aspects of our operations, from our designers and pattern makers here in our Byron Bay design studio, to our talented seamstresses and Master sewers in China, Bali, Peru and more recently, India. 1 year ago we made the commitment that by July 2017 all our off-shore garment factories would be accredited by an internationally recognised auditing body (either WRAP, SEDEX, SAI or BSCI). In the past 12 months we have worked closely with each and every one of our garment factories to ensure they are now, or on their way to being, ethically accredited. To date (February 2017) we are proud to say that through our mentoring 10 out of 14 garment factories across China, India and Peru have been accredited by either WRAP, SEDEX, SAI or BSCI. Those who are not yet accredited are abiding by our strict code of conduct until accreditation has been finalised. We are on track to have 100% garment factory accreditation by July 2017.