Our Luxe Lace Partner


Jiangmen, China


SEDEX – Smeta 2

Number of Employees


Youngest Employee

27 Years Old

They weaved magic with

Spell Bride, Rhiannon Lace, Woodstock Lace, Peasant Girl, Delirium, Lionheart, Hotel Paradiso, Oracle, Kombi, Lolita, Lotus

About the owner

You’d struggle to find a more charismatic person than the owner of our Luxe Lace partner, Joe Wong. His infectious energy rubs off on all around him, from the moment you enter the factory doors you’re greeted by waves and smiles and there’s always someone laughing on the production floor. Joe talks at length with us about his love for combining western management techniques with Japanese philosophies to create a positive working environment.

Their skills and craftsmanship

This team produce our luxe lace pieces, the more complex print-placement stories and our intricately detailed Spell Bride collections. They work with us to mill the bespoke placement lace and mesh (off-site) and do much of the finishing by hand. The skill and experience that some of the seamstresses bring to these often complex pieces is incredible, (although Joe is always quick to correct us, “the work isn’t complex, it’s comprehensive!’).

Our partnership

Joe’s positive outlook towards his staff really impressed us and when we started on our Sustainability journey he was one of the first to ensure his factory was socially and ethically certified. Joe’s factory is certified to SEDEX – SMETA which gives us assurance that each worker is treated in an ethical manner in relation to health, safety and labour standards. With Fashion employing 60 million people globally, we believe the sector has the opportunity to create serious social change, and we want our global family to be at the forefront.