Good things happened in 2017!

We are fiercely committed to minimise harm to the planet in all that we do. But with every commitment comes accountability, which is why we are:


In 2017 we achieved:
Toward a 100% ethical supply chain.
86% of our Tier 1 supply chain (ie our garment factories) have been ethically certified
36% of Tier 1 supply chain (ie our garment factories) have environmental certification.

Empowering marginalised Artisans around the world

Partnered with Artisan Groups in northern India for 3 speciality artisan projects including 9450 block printed totes
Weaving sustainable fibres into our DNA:


of the fibres in our
SATLG collection are
verified sustainable

We harnessed the sun in all its glory:
Saved 10.46 tonnes of CO2 emissions from entering our atmosphere by installing solar energy panels on our HQ & Boutique


increase on carbon saving for sea over air shipments on the year prior – we are continually working to improve this

Landfill is a dirty word:
Saved 460,000 plastic bags and 30,000kg of paper by changing to biodegradable packaging and 71 tonnes and 143,363 boxes from going to landfill by bringing in reusable tote bags.


We defined our 2025 Sustainability Vision & Commitment

To play our part in driving change within the fashion industry, we’ve collaborated with 2 internationally recognised NGO’s: 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment and Canopy’s Fashion Loves Forests. Read more about the commitments here and what this means for us!

Inspire, inspire, inspire!
We showed you how we walk a little lighter in our own lives, 16 sustainability initiatives shared
We’re saving 12,000 coffee cups a year by using reusable coffee cups at our HQ

Our 2017 report is just the beginning,
we’re working with sustainability experts
to measure a wider breadth of data in 2018.

We’re sharing our journey in the hope that together, we can inspire others to become more passionate, conscious consumers, ready to drive change in our world!